A Loon Song Gardens

H. 'Bison Royalty'

Why we selected ‘Bison Royalty’

  • Rich velvet texture
  • Rain-resistant
  • Good garden presence
  • Excellent vigor in zone 4
  • Outstanding foliage
  • Tall, sturdy scapes
'Bison Royalty', a deep violet-purple daylily with a darker eye, a 2014 introduction.
‘Bison Royalty’ Velvety deep-violet purple with a darker eye.

H. ‘Bison Royalty’ (K. Lamb 2013) Tetraploid. 2014 INTRODUCTION

5.5" M 38" Deep violet purple with darker eye, lighter midribs, and green throat. (Star of India X Volusian Spider) Seedling #T3391. DORMANT. This is a good prospect for height in the landscape. Rain-resistant flowers are well spaced on wide branches. $60.00 per double fan.

A pair of 'Bison Royalty' daylily blooms against heavily budded scapes.'Bison Royalty' daylily flower with raindrops, showing rain resistance.Left:‘Bison Royalty’ has sturdy 38" tall scapes that support well-spaced buds. Right: Flowers are rain-resistant.
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